1. What items are permitted & prohibited to bring to the tournament?
  2. What is a Good Any One Day ticket (general admission/grounds ticket)?
    • A Good Any One Day ticket provides access to the tournament grounds (golf course). It does not provide admission to the corporate hospitality areas or the clubhouse. Hospitality tickets are available for purchase for an upgraded experience. Clubhouse tickets are not available for purchase.
  3. Where is tournament parking?
    • Parking is free for spectators and volunteers at the Sandra Moon Community Complex located at 7901 Bailey Cove Road SE, Huntsville, AL 35802. From there a shuttle will take you up to The Ledges for just about a 5-7 minute commute time. The shuttle is free to tournament guests, and will run throughout the duration of the tournament.
  4. Once I am at the tournament, what’s the best way to watch play? What’re the recommended holes to watch?
    • You can either follow a group around the golf course or stay on a particular hole and wait for the groups to play through. Make sure you pick up a pairings guide upon entering the golf course in order to keep track of where each group is on the golf course. A general rule of thumb is that it takes each group 15 minutes to play a hole. Recommended holes to watch throughout the tournament are #1, #9, #10, #13, #15-18.
  5. What is a pairings guide?
    • The pairings guide provides the player groupings, starting times and starting tee.
  6. What should I wear to the golf tournament?
    • Appropriate casual golf attire along with comfortable walking shoes. It’s recommended that spectators have the following items on hand:
      • Windbreaker
      • Hat/visor
      • Sunscreen
      • Sunglasses
  7. What’s the cell phone policy on course?
    • Cell phones are permitted at the Huntsville Championship. Patrons must keep their phone on SILENT mode and should move to an area away from the course to take calls.
  8. If it is raining will the Korn Ferry Tour players still play?
    • Korn Ferry Tour players will play in the rain unless there is a threat of lightning in the area. If that is the case, players will be evacuated and the gallery will be asked to seek cover off the golf course.
  9. Can I purchase food and beverages at the tournament?
    • Yes, concession stands/food trucks will be located in specific areas on the course. See course map. 
  10. Where is the Lost and Found located?
    • The lost and fond will be located at the Main Spectator Entrance.
  11. While at the Huntsville Championship, who should I contact in case of an emergency?
    • Should a problem or emergency occur, contact any uniformed tournament volunteer or law enforcement personnel in order to expedite medical assistance. The First Aid station will be located on the 10th Fairway. See course map.
  12. What should I do if I experience inclement weather while at the Huntsville Championship?
    • Observe the electronic leaderboards throughout the golf course for weather warnings displayed using a color-coded alert scale.  Spectators should take precautions upon observing any weather warnings and be ready to seek safe shelter if appropriate, which may include exiting the premises. In the event of Dangerous Weather – Avoid the following: Hilltops/high places; Golf Carts; Temporary Structures; Trees; Wire Fencing.



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